December 2nd, 2010

White Collar kiss


It really was too much to ask for, but really, was it asking so much, just one night, home in front of the telly?

Apparently so. The usual bastard bastard redball 4.15er so I had to stay back late, and fret, as the transport gets thin on the ground where I abode.

I suppose I should be very grateful I did manage to get through the door in time to see Lee Majors hand on the tv tough guy mantle to (not so) young Valley on Human Target. It's so cheesy, but kinda sweet, and really, really a lot of sun king/dying king mythos, if you've been over indulging in the Rosemary Sutcliff oeuvre (guilty as charged). What can I say? It was a cheap and cheesy tv moment but I liked it, because it wasn't just referencing tv tradition, and tv of my childhood at that, but much, much older traditions, too, if one wants to read such meaning into a daft show like Human Target, and one really shouldn't.
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