November 26th, 2010

Tim and Matt

bite me

The interwebs seem to be seething with news of the Buffy reboot. Well, yes, while I should like Buffy, flawed though it was (series 5-7, yeesh), to stand as is, I'm aware that in the risk adverse (ie completely devoid of any creative or original spark) studio system it was inevitable, it will be violating, and do we really want the Twihards jumping onto Buffy fandom? No sir, we do not. But there's nothing to be done.

Me? I'm still breathing into a paper bag over the news of an UNCLE film, so the Buffy thing is just another log on the fire, rather than the fire, in my world.

Would that sacred texts remain sacred texts but I am in no position to argue that, drooling as I was over the Jane Eyre trailer with Fassy, and this is after spending several weeks wallowing deliciously in the Toby version and declaring it to be the knees of bees.
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