November 7th, 2010


spy vs spy

Quote of the day: Mr Levi waxes rapsodically about Mr Dalton:
"I'd make love to him," Levi jokes in an NBC interview, "and I don't say that about many men--any men really--but today's the day." - Show Patrol

This bemused me. And thank goodness for Chuck, because, much like this time last year, there's little else to make me smile.
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go ahead, rain on my parade

Hey ho. Went offline for a bit because I didn't want anything raining on my parade, like, I dunno, James Freud dying. That was pretty depressing. Cause I was a fan.

Besides that, though, it's been great. No bullying aside from the semi-tame parrots outside the backdoor (Polly wants a cracker now, bitch).

I did get my day off, afterall. Very last minute so I just pretty much grabbed my bag and ran. Ran directly to the shops, as it happened, but it was November and November always requires shopping.

On the way out of the mall some wee girlies were giving away free samples of chocolates and as I had my hands full I proffered one of my bags as a joke and the wee girlie emptied all her samples into and clocked off, the cheeky minx. so I am now up to my eyeballs in free but decidedly sub-average chccolate bars.
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