October 25th, 2010


you're the best thing

Friday night, from the notebook, dateline Hyde Park: Noodles for tea in Hyde Park. Well, green curry and then sticky rice and mango and an excellent rose from Brown Brothers.

I know, I whine and whine and then it's all 'oooh, sticky rice!'. Well, it is sticky rice. A forbidden treat is always the best.

It's the annual noodle night market. It's achingly cosmospolitan and yet so very Sydney, it smells and sounds like Sydney, and nowhere else. Nevertheless I've found myself a quiet corner, as always, where I can watch the crowd and the pretty, pretty lanterns. I love a Chinese lantern. It rather looks like all those old 19thC park life paintings I love so much. So I'm going to sit here for a bit more. Before I have to move. Before I can move. That was a lot of sticky rice. Yum yum.
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