August 18th, 2010

White Collar kiss

Get Moriarty

Or when extraordinarily crap actors happen to good shows, or shows I was watching, in any case.

Monday: I've been travelling via train a lot lately (effing transport) and I noticed the no boozing sign was a crossed out martini glass, ala Ghostbusters. So I had to wonder, who is this phantom martini swiller who clinks the martini glasses on grotty cityrail trains? Because it's so not the place where anyone would ever pour themselves a martini, either shaken or stirred.

I am, of course, imagining some desperate version of Jason King, having lost the Bentley in the GFC, and now drowning his sorrows in suitable fashion every time he boards those vile carriages. Poor Jason, that it has come to this?

Yes, I am easily distracted by unreality.

Meanwhile, we stayed up late on Friday night to discover why there was a disturbance in the force as 7 million voices cried out in dismay. In other words, I watched the last episode of Sherlock.
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