August 9th, 2010


the man in black

"There is a joy in killing Campbells, even fictionally." - Neil Gaiman

Or words to that effect, I meant to jot down the exact quote but lacked writing material and foolishly didn't get it down before it vanished from my poor noggin, nevertheless, I was just extremely bemused that Neil took part in the (deserved, imho via ancient blood feud) dissing of Clan Campbell. Bwahaha!

This, of course, was mainly just to annoy Mr Eddie Campbell, who was onstage at the time, bemoaning the number of Campbells despatched in Neil's story. Neil reposted with something like "Had I known you would be here I'd have made it sixteen," or, again, words to that effect. Snerk.

Yes, Neil Gaiman read The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains, a story set in Scotland (hence the Campbells) on stage at the Opera House, accompanied by a string quartet and paintings by Mr Eddie Campbell. And I was in the fourth row (which shows you how long along I bought the tickets, in view of my sudden penury).

And it was wonderful. Just wonderful, just to be in that moment. And, bonus Kevin Smith - bwee! I thoroughly enjoyed the tale, even though I found it very familiar in parts (he later said it was based on local lore so I suspect that explains it). It was like having someone read to me from the books my grandmother used to send to me. So it was Very Special Indeed.
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