June 7th, 2010


misery has no company

Well, here I am, 7 June, back at work, being hammered, not being where I wanted to be, because I just couldn't afford to stay when they pushed it back (and I will never, ever forgive them).

Since I've walked through the door I've been hit with blackouts and expensive electrical re-wiring (literally just after walking in), my bookcase falling over when I opened my door (the house having shifted in the floods) and destroying all my magazines, several personal items and my dvd-r. All this to a girl who was in tears in the taxi home because she didn't want to be in a taxi, here.

Miserable isn't even close. Shattered? Not even. It sucks to be me, I guess. I can't even watch tv now, which has been my sole comfort since I learnt that Cinders wasn't going to the ball, after all, and wasn't that fun to learn after being up for 27 hours and hormonal. Oy.

So, west coast, fun and games. The rest of it? Not so much.

More later when I'm not so sit in my dark and destroyed room by myself being all emo and stuff, promise. But right now, it's all I can do to sit here and not cry (I mean, I've had shitty things happen on trips before but this takes the biscuit).

Now, back to the inbox. It's like I never left. Right now, I feel underwhelmed and unachieved, and I just can't help it. Murphy's Law in action this trip. Totally.

PS. Forgot to add that I knocked over my coffee this morning and managed to drown my mp3, and the internet doesn't work at home. Sigh. I really shoulda just stayed, because heaven knows, I'm miserable now. And no, I will not get over it. I'm still grinding my teeth over having to miss a Simple Minds gig in 1981, so not gonna happen.
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