April 23rd, 2010

who 01

you can't revisit the past

Thursday: Howdy. Scored another day at the branch office. I like it here. Aside from being able to sleep in an extra two hours - which must never, ever be underestimated in how amazingly cool that is - it's all so nice and samey and comforting. After everything I've been through, dragged from pillar to post, here it's just exactly the same, even all the signs and posters sport the name of the organisation I started in nine years ago. As far as going back in time and pretending the last decade never happened, this is pretty darn close. And there's real toilet paper in the loos. Bliss.

I know, first I lament my life is going nowhere, then I wallow in being exactly where I was ten years ago. I'm a confusing person, I know. But it it is nice to be within one's comfort zone when the hangover starts to kick in, which is right about...now (I'll be off for coffee in a tick, though it is still dire out here and oh, I think this is my old keyboard, oh keys, the things you've typed, eh?).
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