January 27th, 2010


beautiful people everywhere, the way they show they care

Supposed to be going out tonight but it's been cancelled (wail!!!) but maybe that's a good thing, as I was pretty rubbish yesterday (did angry ironing and cranky watering, annoyed washing up and ill-tempered sweeping, amongst other minor chores).

So, Monday. Went to see Optimism down at the Opera House, and it was lovely down at the quay and I had a bit of a walk around before settling down with a book and a glass of rather sub-standard wine (for the region, grape and price) while I waited for the doors to open. Okay, it was indeed the bastard child of Split Enz and Voltaire (see The Age), and further proof that Australian theatre has less chance of ever getting itself out of the early 80s than Alex Drake, for all that, I kinda loved it.
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