January 24th, 2010

white collar

release the bats

It's only in the high twenties today so it's Go! Go! Go! re getting on the interwbs. Friday was insane, I was up til one or two in the morning unable to sleep on account of the heat, trying to get new mp3 player working (I have lousy luck with those things) and watching Carnivale. Yep, I saw a bit of it, and some of those bits included nekkid DeKay (oh my) though I was having PC probs (El Diablo, the PC of mean, as always) at that exact moment.

Saturday was also 43C or some such so I was up at 4am trying to get the washing done. I've never had washing dry before I've finished the next load before. Watered the poor plants, not that you could tell, but it wasn't all bad as I ended the day with lightning, cannons and bats.
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