January 8th, 2010


hot water, I wish

How much fun am I having? Well, the water heater carked it on my b-day and because it was old and in the roof I had to have it replaced and all the pipes re-routed so the south wall of the house is now a lattice of copper pipes and all this took the last of my savings, not to mention enforced leave taking all my alleged rec leave so I'm pretty much feel like I'm on house arrest for the rest of the year. I can't even afford to go see the groovy art in Canberra any more. So not happy.

Okay, so not the worst birthday ever but def a new entry in the top five, and def worst "holiday" ever, and there is stiff competition there for the title. Whimper.

Books read: 0
Box sets watched: 2 (Merlin vol 2.1, which is only six eps so hardly counts, and Chuck vol 1)
Hours spent lounging on banana lounge in sun: 0
Films seen: 1 (Sherlock Holmes)
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