September 23rd, 2009

lom help me

welcome to hell

welcome to hell

I woke up in Hell this morning. No, seriously. A terrible duststorm has settled over the city (and most of the state, apparently) and I can barely see anything and the sky is a horrible dark burnt orange. A hellish orange. Everywhere you look: orange. And it's like trying to breath in a flour bag. It is so freaky. A touch unsettling. Ya gotta see this orange.

It's not just me, though. Triplej are having an end of the world party on the radio. Winchesters, this is all you, isn't it?

Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city

Monster dust storm blankets Sydney

Dust storm turns Sydney skies red

Dust storm hits Sydney
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doctor wtf

the end of the world as we know it


Life on Mars

Well, it's all clear now, sigh. It kinda went all ochre yellow, then the next time I glanced up, it was gone. apparently it has gone up to visit Brissie before heading off to New Zealand. The last time this happened we turned Mt Cook pink and they weren't best pleased. If I remember rightly, those late 80s dust storms ended up in the National Geographic and were one of the first major incidents that got folks seriously thinking about climate change.

Brisbane's CBD cloaked in dust

Dust turns Sydney sky red

Sydney, NSW dust storm

Sydney and parts of NSW shrouded in dust