September 14th, 2009

doctor cuppa

Brit Boy News

This week Daniel Craig gets a nod for best in budgie smugglers, John Simm is to tread the boards in London, Jude and Jonny in New York. Ewan McGregor is in Venice and Michael Fassbender is in LA. Timothy Dalton lends his voice to Toy Story, David Tennant to a radio play. Various Brit thesps can be viewed romping about in Titans trailers, Paul Bettany's Darwin flick is to open the Toronto film festival, Colin Firth grumps through several interviews and Ioan Gruffudd becomes a dad.

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spiders from mars

I've just been doing a spot of gardening. Sadly it's always more Indiana Jones than Rosemary and Thyme, alas. A spider just dropped off me and crawled across the keyboard and I'm no doubt rocking a Worzel do and I'm scratched to bits by the roses. It's all fun here.
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