July 31st, 2009



Still very happy with my Specials experience, thank you, though the whole 30th anniversary thing is making me feel ancient. My record collection is older, quite a bit older, than Colin Morgan. Ouch.

I am a dirty, dirty pervy old woman. Worse, twice this week I've had someone add more than ten years to my age. Before I started working here I used to look ten years younger than my age. The EBQFH has aged me over twenty years. That's... impressive. I'm now awaiting the final blow: for one of those stunning young chaps I see on the bus occasionally with this whole 70s rck star vibe going (which seems to be the fashion these days) offers me a seat on account of my antiquity. Then my life will be officially over.
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doctor cuppa

Brit Boy News

Roll up! Roll up! This week it's all about the Comic Con circus, with just about everyone out there performing like the tumblers of old, trying to entice the paying public into their travelling shows. Out touting included Michael Fassbender, Paul Bettany, Dominic Monaghan, Robert Carlyle, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Stephen Moyer, Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey...every man and his dog, in other words. In other news, Ioan Gruffudd and Jude Law and in the club, so to speak, Hugh Dancy has a new flick out, Desperate Romantics takes a bit of a ratings dip, Jonas Armstrong proves to be twice as popular on another show and Bill Nighy remains bemused by his superstar status.
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