July 6th, 2009

merlin huh


A weekend and a half. Saturday saw me up, not quite early enough, getting the washing done before trotting off to buy a new lawn mower. Himself simply will not abide a proper grown up mower, so it was yet another expensive folly of a womany electric mower that takes three days to charge for an hour's mowing, if you're lucky, and can't be used it so many circunstances that Himself declared it perfect (ie it'll never stir from the shed, nor Himself from the chair), but at least the staff were kind, if bemused by the fact I actually bought the klunker.

That done it was off for a rushed coffee and sweetie at the Lebanese grocer. I was hoping for a relaxing wallow of people watching but it was not to be so. At least coffee outside a shop with hookahs in the window can be had for the price of a bus fare (just as well as I'm not going anywhere further than my Zone 2 buss pass, apparently). Picked up some dates and figs, and some green tea at the Korean grocers nearby, and resisted the urge to but the 70s coffee set in the op shop window. At least the ethnic grocers survive in the face of the hideous mall they built nearby. Collapse )