May 19th, 2009

sam jump

the real mccoy

Oh, hi. I've had a week. Even the present a dear friend so very kindly sent got backed over. That's the sort of week I've had. Sigh.

Still, if I'm to attempt to find a few littles gems in the steaming tsunami of merde that is my life right now, I suppose there was Saturday. I got up late because it was a bit grim, so I watched a dvd (yay!) while I waited for the weather to decide which way it was going to go. It went windy as hell, but I still managed to watch some Bergerac on my wee dvd player, though I could barely hear it and I swear the dvd must have skipped a whole scene in one episode, while I sat and kept an eye on the greywater buckets during the laundry cycles. Then a friend showed up mid washing and I ran away to go see Star Trek.
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