May 5th, 2009


oranges and lemons

Oh, vexation! It's suddenly bucket day and I am halfway through making marmalade. Well, I'm at the soak overnight stage but because I'm nobody's wifey it's gonna have to be soak half a night and a whole day before I get back to it. And I am going to be mullered by the time I get home, and it was shaping up to be such a good batch too: what was left of my cumquats (I thought they look ripe, I'll pick 'em after I finish this other job I'm doing but by the time I finished three quarters of the crop had gone, ack), the last remaining lime, a low hanging lemon and some bought oranges (if the new orange tree doesn't get serious next year I'm doing my great-grandfather's old trick of leaning an axe against the tree, as an incentive).
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