March 20th, 2009

arthur ni

half-sick of shadows

Thurs: At least Roger Moore has given up trying to sound American in Maverick. A relief for all involved. Yep, we're up to the Roger Moore episodes, and, as much as I adore Roger, I can see why James Garner bailed. Oh yeah, they're swimming in shark infested waters now. Shame. Even last night's episode, what I saw of it, written and directed by Robert Altman no less, was rubbish. Sigh. Oh for the days of the really cool stories, the amazing guest stars (Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford)and the Robert Louis Stevenson adaptations which they always seemed to be doing. And wtf was that with the 77 Sunset Strip thing the other week? Why, Maverick, why?

Still, between Maverick (weekdays) and The Saint (weekends), Fox Classics is ensuring that I never have to go more than twenty four hours without a Roger Moore fix, which is a mighty fine thing. Especially b/w Roger, when he was ever so pretty.
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