March 11th, 2009

dt face pull


Eee, but I have some great friends. Last night I found an enormous parcel awaiting me on the couch/lounge/sofa containing a wonderful ratty t-shirt, to go with the rat effigy sent by another dear friend, but also those elusive TH White books that could not be had, not even for money, in this old town. They are perfect, and old classic 70s issues, just like Dad's were, so they're better than perfect. Thank you so very much. You've no idea, just the smell and the feel of them...

Thanks also to the friends with the rats, Rome books, box sets and digital fun. And, lawks, I was even given a potted cycad by someone I'd never expected a civil word from, let alone a potted cycad. Whee! What can I say, I'm a complete child and I love presents.
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