February 6th, 2009

lom enough

the stepford clerk

FRIDAY: Ooh, I'm getting in trouble for not reading emails. Sorry. Been really, really busy and it's way too hot for my poor old wheezing lap top. It's supposed to get up to 47C on Sunday. Everyone is saying to stay home on the weekend. Mmmm...no (and the peanut gallery is promising to wear something diaphanous, which fair boggles the mind).

And on that bombshell...no, never mind. Been a bit upset this week, more than a bit to be honest, but I've heard negativity leads to mass unfriending so I'll try to keep a lid on it. One must be peppy and entertaining above all things (even tho the server was down, my software wasn't working and my keyboard was dead, all before I'd made my first cup of tea. Keep smiling. Must not show them I'm rattled).

So there's not a lot to say about yesterday, which mercifully, I had off and even being up to my elbows in cockroach poo and worse while cleaning both kitchen and bathroom, it was still way better than being at work. Got the laundry done, carried about 27 buckets of water about the garden, cause I also had to wash out all the bottles of ex sauces etc from the ex fridge that I discovered had been left for me, for a week, in the hot sun. Mmmm, tasty. Still way better than being at work, though. And at least I've managed to get the food dye stains on my hands down so now I just look like a smoker, not a bank robber (though which is the least socially acceptable these days?) but I still smell disturbingly of old chutney and pickles, etc. All the oils of Araby won't sweeten this little hand, etc, etc.
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