January 15th, 2009

lom can't win

secret agent man

This morning I was walking to work with the Bond theme blaring away from somewhere. I've always wanted to be fanfared by the Bond theme as I walked down the street. At least, I hope it was playing inexplicably loud from some speakers somewhere. Either that or I've been watching way too much Bond lately (it's just been Bond, Bond, Bond with Fox Classics Bond marathon which I've been wallowing in and I finally got to see Q of S, but more on that in another post I promise to finish typing sometime soon - work has been full on lately).

Then I read that Patrick McGoohan was dead. Bummer. Seriously. I mean, you can't get in the front door of our place without tripping over the box sets of Danger Man/Secret Agent (we have both) and The Prisoner. Oh man, he was cool. Grumpy, but cool.
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