December 12th, 2008


always take the weather with you

I think my beanie brought the grim November home with it. It arrived the other day, on a blistering hot and sunny day and I was bemused that it was still dampish when I pulled it out of the padded envelope. I'd not realised, nor meant to post it damp, it was just that last desperate post off where, fearing a bag nazi on the flight (no need, people were lugging on three times what I'd put in the hold) I was weighing my pack in the post office and pretty much posting anything that wasn't cameras which meant beanie, scarf, maps, guidebooks, etc. Coulda kept them all, would have preferred it, but there you go (especially as I got lost at a tube station later that day, was relying on what proved to be non existant signage).

So, anyway, wet, sleety sunday souvenier beanie arrived and it has been cold and absolutely bucketing like can't see out the windows lashing, ever since. Freaky, eh?
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