September 26th, 2008


every dog has his day

"the last ever episode of the old Dr Who. My career highlight is a line I had to say to Kate O’Mara, which was '30 seconds to computer achieving full power status mistress.' It's not considered the greatest part of the [Dr Who] canon, but I was, briefly, a pin up in a gay Dr Who fanzine, which I thought was quite close to the pinnacle of my career." - Samuel West, The Official London Theatre Guide

Oh Sam, don't ever change.

I seem to be being stalked by The Stranglers this week. First they were playing over the radio in the cafe last Fri when the Peanut Gallery stopped by on the way to the grower's market. Then they showed up digging in the trenches on Time Team. I know, wtf? But there they were. Boggle. It was on a Roman site outside Bath, near that white horse that's on the hill on the road down to Warminster. I've no idea why, but I was bemused.
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