July 8th, 2008

lom radio times

a boy called james

All I wanted last night was Lewis and a thunderstorm, and I got both, so I'm content, for the moment. I just wanted another night of thundery Lewis watching, like the night that set me off on this crazy ride. I'm enjoying the ride.

Of course then I was up to all hours scribbling away, ditto in the wee dark hours this morning. I usually blame my stories for making me too quick to anger and a complete flake, but it's not the fics, it's the staggering lack of sleep, since the fic hours have to come from somewhere, and sadly the only free hours I had to spare were my sleepytime ones: twelve to four.

But I can't give up, not when Lewis and I are left breathless by Ruthless!James or Flirty!James. Oh, James.
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