March 22nd, 2008


a cheery crowd of cannibals

Oh man, am I bored. I mean, I knew not being able to browse, read or write during downtime would be bad, but I never imagined this. I am in hell. And worse, I have no time for these little interludes when I get home.

Though I did make time for tv. First we watched back Unit One which seems to be getting stranger and stranger, and I don't know what I missed that meant Fischer and La Cour no longer speak, but at least Allan has a creepy new friend (there was a bit where they held hands and the Peanut Gallery piped up with "I don't know whether to be touched or slightly disturbed"). The plots seem all unresolved these days, which is a complete shift from the old Dragnet like endings as before and this latest hypno gay killer one is straight out of Wire in the Blood territory. But I still love it, and the weird Danish gallows humour does crack me up. I mean, you might have thought they were droll on Homicide: Life on the Streets, but that's nothing compared to this.
Also, lovely Scandanavian folk art on the train/crime scene. I liked.
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