December 21st, 2007

lom can't win

get me out of here

Thursday: Odd, I caught a glimpse of an old Mad Max poster while flipping through mags and it struck me how it evoked ancient filmic Ned Kelly poses.

Oh we were actually watching that old (and I mean old, 1906) Ned Kelly footage, the precious few clips that survive at any rate. I'd heard of it only in legend, but now I've seen it. It's a pity it doesn't survive as a whole, because it rocks. I'd heard it was amateur hour and while it's true some of the thesps ham it up, for the most part, well, it rocks. I suppose it helps to know the story, but I was completely wrapped up in the fragments that survived, real iconic stuff. They even used FX, dying the film red when the pub was on fire. Lots of great action and gunfights and fisticuffs. A brilliant piece of work (although one scene is ruined by a horse that won't take direction).
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