December 18th, 2007


it's raining men (and actual rain)

Hello. As I don't have time to post every day any more, I've got a collection of fun quotes to start off with.

First up is DT himself, providing a masterful example of why hiring actors who know their stuff is a good thing. Here, the boy demonstrates his thorough knowledge of what makes a superior action figure by way of years of field testing, bless:
The trick is, he says, to have a completely blank expression when they photograph you. He learnt this as a child, playing with his own Doctor Who toys. “If the figures look happy, or fierce, or anything, it’s bound to ruin some scene you’ve got going on. The versatile action figure is the blank-faced action figure.” - Behind the scenes of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, starring Kylie

Next up is David McCallum, commenting on MUNCLE slash:
"I mean the idea of Robert and I getting it on (laughs) I think is the funniest thing I've heard this year. With all due respect to Robert, who's a very attractive, nice fellow." - Cool cat doesn't crack under pressure

And finally, because I've been off my game and letting all the Robin Hood reviews slip by, but this one popped into my inbox three times and it's reasonably representative of the rest of the crop (sorry Jonas): Collapse )