December 7th, 2007

lom sam fu

turkey trials

This has been a rubbish week. Meanwhile, I heard that Anton Rodgers had died. Usually there follows much wailing and gnashing but this time, not so much. Mr Rodgers was like the Moriarty of my dvd collection, often joked about as in "another one for the Anton Rodgers collection", one of those actors I didn't particularly care for yet nevertheless managed to clog up far more man hours in my dvd collection than a great many of my favourite boys, thus leading to my great fear that I'd end up being eulogised for my great love of Anton Rodgers, having so obviously and carefully collected so many of his appearances, when the complete opposite was true.

So anyway, vale Anton, you'll only be padding out my collection retroactively from now on, you grumpy old codger.
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