December 4th, 2007

lom otp

dusting and decking the halls

Friday: Last night I was busy polishing me buddha and buffing me candlesticks, ooo er, vicar. No, it's not a code for anything filthy and fun, just filthy Dickensian char woman stuff. The usual. Also, Inspector Rex not so good to do housework to as me German ain't what it used to be.

Also scrubbed down the stairs, bannister and railings. The state of the stairs and bannister I get, but who swings from the railings like a grubby pawed gibbon, is what I want to know? Also, shoulda done this before I started decking the halls, unless you want to consider the dead roaches hanging from the tinsel as avant garde, in a Mortica Addams kinda way. Goes well with the Xmas floral arrangement I found all broken and snapped off, I suppose (who were the mad monkeys who packed away the Xmas decs last year?).

Oh, and they're taking away Heroes and my Euro cops. Wail! Okay, so they're putting Bones on next week (S2 looks like), but still.
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