November 9th, 2007

lom 70s

such is life

Last night I dreamt we were overrun with Nimons, though they weren't half as much trouble as those people down the street, but everyone was asking me how to get rid of them and I had no idea because I'd given up watching Who at that stage. Even in my dreams I'm complete rubbish and useless.

Anyhoo, I supposed you heard my shrill shriek on Sunday. Yes, it was a girlie scream. Having to go out and finish the watering at dusk (and dusk lasts 30 seconds here so it was night by the time I got out the door), I figured how big could the spiders be? Oh, that big. And fie on you know who not coming to my rescue, pinned down as I was by the giant spider. The giant angry spider (trying to hose/shoo him off the wall just made him fiesty). Wibble.
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