October 19th, 2007


"If all the fools in this world should die, lordly God how lonely I should be"

"...a parcel of big, ugly, fat-necked, wombat-headed, big-bellied, magpie-legged, narrow-hipped, splay-footed sons of Irish bailiffs or English landlords which is better known as officers of Justice or Victorian Police, who some calls honest gentlemen. But I would like to know what business an honest man would have in the Police, as it is an old saying, It takes a rogue to catch a rogue." - Edward Kelly

Wednesday: I just couldn't remember the exact quote the other night while washing the dishes (I can't remember how it came up in conversation but it did). I often read damning articles in the foreign press about Ned Kelly, demanding to know why we love an outlaw, but they've not read the Jerilderie Letter. True, he was a killer, but he also had a charm and cheeky wit - the quintessential bad boy.
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