October 4th, 2007


blow me down

I look like Worzel Gummidge. I feel worse. No more days out for me, then.

It seemed harmless enough: there we were, watching Jeeves and Wooster, and we got it into our heads that lunch at the Paragon would be just the thing. And it was, though it felt too much like a rushed affair. It was just the heat, and the wind, oh, dear readers, the wind. Terrible gusts, real bowl you over stuff. I made Himself doff his ever present hat and I'm glad I did because the next minute somebody elses' hat sailed off the cliff and down into the valley below, and there was no way I was climbing into the valley or shimmying up a tree to retrieve a hat. But it did mean we got sunburnt.
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watching the detectives

Heroes is on tonight. I damn nearly would have missed it had I not caught it in the most casual perusal of the tv guide this morning (as in should I be setting the pvr for anything in case of transport mishaps?). Okay, so obviously I missed all the ads (were there ads?) or this is the most low key kick-off ever. Never mind. Heroes. Whee.

But what really had me squealing last night (sorry Hugh, sorry Damian) was the ad for Supernatural. Winchesters! Squee! I mean double squee, because I had been fretting all the way home about the impossibility of downloading episodes in 37C heat (without Dell Boy throwing a strop), and now I don't have to. Sam! Dean! Squee!

Okay, I totally have to dips me lid to Channel Ten for screening House and Life last night. Okay, a bit sliced and diced for ads (either that or I zoned over certain plot points) but otherwise, well, the novelty of watching on tv, without any jiggery pokery, an episode of House I'd only read about last week - well, what fun.
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