September 25th, 2007


not one lord in the neighbourhood

If you go to Google right now you'll find over 200 articles re the lastest round in the TV fakery scandals that the UK is currently embroiled in, the lastest being the alleged poll to name the Blue Peter cat:

Blue Peter in row over cat name
The BBC is refusing to comment on reports that Blue Peter's cat was not given the name viewers had chosen for it in an online poll.

But to be honest, The Daily Star says it all with the Headline Of The Year:
"Blue Peter hit by cat flap"
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coffee and danish

I am, dear reader, as they say, having a day. That is to say, despite the very temporary amusements of a momentary shaft of sunlight betwixt two buildings, my one shaft of sunlight per year, like some neolithic tomb, and that solitary beam splitting itself through the old wooden venetian blinds to lend my desk a momentary noirishness, I must admit that I'm rather tired. Of everything, really.
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