August 8th, 2007


the unbearable sadness of being a non blonde

No more Ewan adventures. Sigh. I really looked forward to seeing what Ewan was up to every morning with my first cuppa of the day. It was fun (and, dare I say, a damned sight more entertaining than some of his lastest films - bitch, bitch, bitch). Ah, Ewan, one of the few actors I love more for just being himself than his body of work. He's so cute and adorable. Just is. Damn, I miss his little updates.

But at least I know why Mr Coltrane was popping up in pie shops all over the local presses in the UK a while back. He was doing his own Long Way Round: Coming Soon...Robbie Coltrane's B-Road Britain. Well, that's one of life's little mysteries solved, because I was thinking that a man of his age and girth should probably not be touring the nation's chip shops just for the hell of it.

Oh, look at me, I drop a dress size, just one, and I'm getting snitty.
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