May 7th, 2007


back in blighty

Stuck for a net connection, or a working phone (fu, optus), this will have to be a short but sweet recap, and I left my diary upstairs, oh well.

Ah! Venice!

And I saw it again, the church from the Last Crusade. Saw lots of things. Damn nearly circumnavigated the island and it damn near killed me but it was fun. Met up with some lovely folks, sat in coffee shops, had pizza, pretended I was tres cosmopolitan. Did the galleries, including my fave weapons horde, or one of them at least. Got to have that much needed squiz at that shield close up. Aha, she says, sparing you the nerdiness. Also saw an exhibition on Sargent in Venice, got up at dawn to get in the Caneletto-styled piccies before the crowds - met several like minded souls and it was really quite a nice little club we had going there.

Oh, the crowds. Much preferred the winter - it was hot, hard to move, all the prices had tripled and it was like the Easter show, only with architecture. But what old buildings! I'd hug and kiss them if they weren't so crusty.

Ciao bela to the girls!

Anyway, left Venice in a violent thunderstorm, aboard a fabulous old train, blue carriages, porters, the works, brass knobs outside and bigger knobs inside. Oh yes indeedy. But I had fun. And the dining car, to die for (though I hear they disapprove of that sort of behaviour these days).

Somewhere in Eastern Europe

Heh, always wanted to write that. Budapest! I love Budapest! I've always wanted to go there and have always had this weird obessession, I even collected Hungarian stamps as a child, and to finally be there! And the weird thing? It felt like home. It felt familiar. I could walk around sans map and my feet knew the way. Freaky. Had a wonderful time. Two churches (one all medevival and my fave, the other all baroque and hopefully where good catholic boys go to confess re condiment abuse. Ahem). Did two museums. The Budapest museum is lovely and if you go down, down down you end up in the seriously old bits. Love! Also loved the bits and bobs, esp the bow. Ahem. The Hungarian museum is also a hoot, perfect size, with diaramas and models in costumes. Funny story re the Communist era wing, but that's for later, for my mate has just arrived. Adieu!