March 29th, 2007



At least there were buns. Chocolate hot cross buns. I was waylaid by a very forward bun merchant on the footpath last night while out shopping, and since everyone at work is into the snacks (a side effect of fear and anxiety) and since I coveted the maroon bag they came in, it was a good enough reason to sucumb.

And it's just about the only good thing about today. Alas, I must sacrifice Jarvis (though I'd been looking forward to him) because there is just too much crap going on - more crap than I can actually cope with (in fact since I've given up writing and watching the next thing to go will have to be the brit-actors list, though considering my efforts were only greeted with one complaint, not quite the tearful wrench I fear, I suspect).

Still, hopefully there will be Blackpool tonight, even if I have to watch the late screening. So long as there's DT, please.
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