March 6th, 2007

lom otp

much binding in the marsh

No, nothing to do with woodland deviancy (per se) but apparently an old radio series, discussed at length recently in the Herald. Apparently set in a RAF base where silliness abounded, it sounds like a precursor to MASH.

It also sounds like the sort of lunacy I endure here. Though today I was given the stationery catalogue to go through and draw up an order. I think it was meant to be a punishment, but they weren't aware of my stationery porn fetish - until now. Weird stuff in there, too. I had no idea one could order one of those green shaded desk lamps so beloved of American law shows. "You could stay back late at night and eat takeaway from those American paper containers, but never just one, it has to be at least three, and feel you've arrived," said a colleague, thoroughly versed in the conventions of the tv law show.

Yes, we'd all like to sit at a big desk in a pencil skirt with American-style Chinese takeaway and feel we've finally arrived. Suave.

Failing that, I amused myself on the bus this morning with thoughts of further forest frolics (though why reading poor Jane Austen should inspire this I shall never know - was it something Mr Knightley said?). The Clannad nearly got loose though, but I've managed to chain it back up in the dungeon. If it gets out again I shall have to give it to the sheriff as a plaything.

I've also been searching around to try and convey that I liked episode three of Life on Mars, but...but then I read the "..and I would have got away with it if not for you pesky kids" line on TRA and that just about finished the episode for me. Sadly, all the subtle shades and tones seem to be missing this season. It all seems just a bit clunky and heavy handed, like the line about Irish not bombing pubs. Gee, I wonder what on earth they could be referring to? [/sarcasm]
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