March 5th, 2007

sam jump

how's annie?

Quote of the day:
"I felt like an awful old harlot taking this young innocent man's screen virginity from him."
- Emilia Fox, The Guardian.

I don't know why, but it amuses me. Dear little innocent Sam - smirk. Anyhoo, I was bemused to see the NYT trying to figure out Robin's politics, as I'd had a similiar unhappy revelation last Saturday night while watching old (but still good) West Wings on the ABC. Far from being the East Midland's answer to Che, this time round, what with Robin's insistence on tax cuts and small governement, this can only mean our boy is, holy hannah, a Republican.

Eeeeewww. Okay, so possibly, and I can't beilieve I'm actually typing this, a liberal Republican like Arnie, rather than a truly scary Republican, but still. I feel a need to shower, scrub and exfoliate.

But thank you West Wing for pointing it out. That show is nothing if not educational, in fact essentially so for my working life, which I appreciate. But I also appreciated to opportunity to see Alan Alda, most beloved, on a roll. Thanks for that. I was one happy little piglet.
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