March 1st, 2007


who lives down in deepest darkest africa

So, last night it rained. This is because I went to the art gallery It always, and only ever, rains when I go to the art gallery. I should do my bit for the drought and walk there more often, but alas, I rarely get the chance.

This time I was going to see the Tezuka exhibition, which consisted of a lot of reprints but also contained several panels of original work with liquid paper and glued over dialogue and all. Some stuff I was very familiar with, like Astro Boy and Kimba, from the old dubbed animes, but later stuff less so as America came to rule the airwaves. One series that I just adored as a very small child but had completely forgotten about was Princess Knight. I loved that as a wee chubby bairn, I remember tiny flashes of it, but I'd entirely forgotten about it, so it was a surprise to see it again and have it shaken loose from buried memory.

What was really, really cute was his Crime and Punishment, especially the scene where Raskolnikov throws himself on the bed in deep distress post murder (tanty central), but he's all anime cute and it just so funny. The scene where he broods also bemused, if only because I know I'll never be able to watch the Simm version now. Heh.
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