February 25th, 2007

lom gun to head

how do

Hello. Just letting you know that while I intended to speend this afternoon scanning, poor wee Dell Boy has other ideas. He went poot from overheating this morning and I was afeared I lost him, so this is just a short, sharp post.

It's raining. I thought, since nature was taking care of the garden fer once, I could lie abed. No such luck. Someone in dire need of the papers stormed out and slammed the door so hard the blew the blankets off me bed. So that's me up, then.

DB being wooby has upset me a bit, so I'm watching Gunpowder, Treason and Plot to find a way back into the fic mindset. No such luck, but my that Kevin McKidd is a handsome fellow :)

Also, everyone else being also cranky pants means I best hide out here than upset them by vacuuming and the like (which as lame as excuse as any, but I'll happily clutch at straws). Besids, most of this afternoon was set aside for scanning and archiving and no can do. Bugger, eh. Though wet weahther is never good for scanning, the papers get sticky (it's humid as anything - I need gills).

Watched Britpop thingy last night, more on that later, but it was like they'd kicked over one of my magazine boxes.

Better go before DB gets the hump again. Wish me luck.