February 3rd, 2007

sam weep

grumpy old men

Here we are again. I'm gazing up at Steve Kilbey with rapt adoration. He doesn't care for it much, but then he never did (I always got on better with Marty). I don't care. I've a lot of love to give and I offer it up to my stony god, even if the pretty youth is now grey of beard. Later, he'll actually crack a smile.

They're playing my favourites. They even throw in a Triffids cover (squee!). Several songs in, Steve suddenly unbends and becomes silly. Very silly. It is the best set I've had the pleasure of in, well, a long, long time. I love them. I love them more for bowing to play my faves.

Unlike The Pretenders. Yes, they played a few, but instead of some songs I really wanted to hear, I got covers and later stuff I cared significantly less for, which is fair enough, but they really lost me and I spent the middle of the set sitting down and sulking, which is a pity because I would have described myself as a massive fan, until last night. Ah well, at least they played Brass in Pocket (upon threat of riot), so that was something.

Now I gotta go catch the bus to Canberra. TTFN.

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