January 22nd, 2007


mad dogs and englishmen

Blessed are the air cond. makers. I know that's not very green, but I'm so happy not be to melting in the stifle right now.

Mind you, this is where air cond. apartheid really comes into work, as everyone else arrives fresh as a daisy and I'm completely buggered from suffocating heat, no sleep and despite two showers this morning I still wouldn't want to sit next to me on the bus.

Also, the thing I had to be in here at 6am to go live had to be off! off! off! by 8am. Argh.

Ah well. The Petrelli Brothers are decorating the cover of this week's Guide, so that's something, I suppose, as I find myself suddenly quite needing another Heroes fix. I didn't think I was that into it but I was dreaming of the brothers yesterday when I managed a brief exhausted nap yesterday at midday (before some bastard from Mumbai woke me up with some inane phone deal).

I also saw an add for Dalziel & Pascoe on tv last night which made me squeal. We're about one or two years behind, maybe even three, so squeal.

I hate being so behind though. Like Life on Mars. I'm so glad I had alternative viewing options, because if the ABC hang onto it much more, Sam's 'present' is going to be so much the past it's going to be as unreal as 1973 may or may not be, thus distorting one's viewing perspective. Also, I'd have missed out on a whole year's worth of fancies and wild speculation, which has been enormous fun, because if the ABC ever play it, I doubt one could avoid being spoiled up the wazoo if one tried to find out more about the show, even casually.
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