January 19th, 2007


she could spit in the eyes of fools as they ask her to focus on sailors fighting in the dance hall..

There's a new thread on TRA about what will happen to fic after whatever bombs are dropped at the end of LOM 2, which is very much on my mind right now, which is why I'm tearing through my half done fics, trying them get them wrapped up before they're utterly torpedoed and rendered ridiculous.

Mind you, unlike other more Pollyanna folk, I'm afraid hyperbole like "explosive" and "heartbreaking" are worrying to a certain extent (okay, a huge extent, as to the fate of the characters and whether or not TPTB will eff it up by pushing the concept so far it snaps), my cynical nature is of a rather more pursed wait and see attitude.

Especially as I've been burned badly by Auntie Beeb's hyperbole of late. As in being promised Torchwood would be "dark" and "adult" when in fact it was infantile and purile, and Robin Hood was going to be "realistic" and "punk". Yeah, and I'm the Queen of the May, as Dalziel is so fond of saying.
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