January 18th, 2007


Life on Mars slash fic part two

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Summary: Sam hits rock bottom. Sequel to Serpent's Tooth
Rating: M - Mature Adults only (may contain drug references, violence, nudity, coarse language, sexual references, adult and supernatural themes)
Warnings: Loosely based season one
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended
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life on mars 05

We're The Sweeney, son, and we haven't had any dinner

I am bruised, but more upon that later.

Meanwhile, if telly has taught me anything over the last week, it's that it's heroic to sulk, pout, be mean to your so-called friends, worse to your lovers, throw tantrums, kill people and run away.

Okay then, at least we've got that sorted. And yes, I was watching the Buffy S2 finale last night. With the Sarah McLachlan. Can't forget the Sarah. Can't flounce off moodily and alone without the Sarah. No tv strop is worth its salt if there's no Sarah to back it up, imho.
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