January 15th, 2007

sam gene 03

poison arrow

Oh boy, do I have a severe caes of Monday. Though I suppose it's what I get for staying up late watching the late repeat of Spooks. What can I say, one dose of Rupert is never enough - he was playing a stiff upper lipped Nazi sympathiser on Poirot on Friday night. ("Is it because I is blonde?" Why yes, Rupert dear, I think it just might be). He was very, very blonde in Poirot. To the point of looking unnatural.

Poirot also featured Paul McGann, who is just popping up all over the place of late, including Kidnapped on Sunday but alas I missed the bulk of that.

So when I last left you I was about to get stuck into some actual work, ignoring the screaming cries of my muse to put pen to paper.
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