January 10th, 2007



Sometimes when I trawl around looking for pics I find stuff that just leaves me gobsmacked:

Words fail. They just fail. Although actually the words Dee and Snider do pop up, but I'm trying to repress. Repress, repress, repress.

Aha! I've finally worked out why my Ewan alerts always end up in the spam can. It must be because Ewan quotes almost always contain the word 'penis'. For example:
"Ewan McGregor was getting lippy last week when asked on MTV to give his opinion on why films in the US so rarely show male nudity: "You're quite safe from penis shots in America because American people don't have penises." This is becoming an obsession."
- The Scotsman

Not that I mind at all. My father was a foul mouthed, sex obsessed Scot after all. Just bemused is all. Poor Ewan, always falling foul of my spam filter. My wee potty-mouthed boy.
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