January 8th, 2007


the scottish gentleman

Stunned silence greeted the last installment, which is a crying shame, because the next part is even worse, and too bad, it's my favourite (but at least I didn't get any pedants poking holes in what could be the delusions of a dying madman). The next bit was mostly written on Saturday nights while UKTV was running The Profs and The Sweeney, and you can't half tell. But man, it was fun (but sadly far less ready to go than I thought it was).

Speaking of The Sweeney and The Profs, had to stay up late late on Saturday night taking the tree down with the insane number of boxes of baubles. I put on the Beefcake special, which is amusing, but mainly for the clips and as for lauding Bodie while deriding at metrosexuals, has he not actually watched the show? Bodie, especially in S1, was all about the pink shirts and the girlie drinks.

Or, as PeanutGallery quips everytime Bodie walks into a bar:

Bodie: "I'll have a snowball and the girliest drink you have for me bird."
Barman: "Right then, that's two snowballs."

Okay, so you had to be there. But the actual clips accompanying the "Bodie and Doyle: Gay Icons?" bit had me crying. Wheeze. The Bullshitters has a lot to answer for. Then it was happily time for the real thing. Bodie! Doyle! Regan! Carter! Happiness and Joy.
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