December 20th, 2006

life on mars: otp

just another stain on the casting couch

Bwaha! The leather fetish is canon. Like 15thC canon. Okay, then.

Also, Guy was supposed to be a bounty hunter, which is far more intriguing than Sheriff's buttmonkey or whatever his official and amiguous title/job description is. He's supposed to be Bobba Fett to Robin's Han Solo. Alas, not quite in the series, though BF had a rather undignified end, so let's not dwell.

Guy has thus far escaped his fate at Robin's hands, as Robin was supposed to behead him and then take out a knife and deface him, literally. Nice. Now that would have made for a darker, more interesting and wholly mad-arse dangerous Robin (a little more Deadwood than Sherwood, methinks).

But instead, so I'm told, I can look forward to ninjas and a crazy Nam vet, in the same episode, which is over-egging the dire, just a bit, imho. Gah, it's been ages since I've bothered with a show so out of control I just feel the need to wrest it away from its crack addled creators. It could have been good. Oh well, at least it makes people say nice things about Robin of Sherwood, for a change.

Meanwhile, today's insult to my poor green liveried boy:
"Jonas Armstrong, moonlighting from being out-acted by the trees of Sherwood Forest"
- The Scotsman

Ouch. My poor baby.
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