December 15th, 2006

lom enough

resistance is useless

That was weird. I was looking up Wiki just to browse for ideas on the duties that might be expected of a young man in the service of a vain and vacuous young lord, and damn me if not three clicks later I'm looking at a picture of Jonas, being all broody and such. Don't mess with the meta, obviously.

And yes, I know Wiki contains much that is inaccurate and hypocryphal, and if I was using it as my primary source in a phd dissertation I'd be buggered, but as I'm just browsing for ideas to flesh out a pwp, and considering the woeful source material which inspired said pwp, Wiki will suffice.

Just as well, as I threw out four folders worth of serious scholary stuff on one R. Hood back in August. Why did I do that, exactly? Never snort and tell the universe you'll never write fic involving men of the forest again, because that's just asking for it, apparently. Never make such dares out loud, or you will be bewitched into watching a man described as "an effeminate Blue Peter presenter who would fall over in a strong wind." Oh, the horror, the shame, the humiliation. (And why isn't Ghost Squad out on dvd, so that I might be completely degraded?).

Please come back, Sam & Gene. Though I'm awaiting S2 with a bubbling mix of delight and dread (no news on a start date yet).
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