December 7th, 2006

sam gene 1

much ado about nothing

This post is mainly for sleeper_frost, because words just can't do just to the sights on offer in last week's Robin Hood. It's also f-locked because a very dear friend has been sending the episodes from the UK, and they would no doubt be miffed to know that another dear friend just dropped over three more episodes and I have absolutely no willpower. Not when it comes to medieval male bonding, anyways.
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Mr Postman brought me two pieces of joy yesterday. One was an unexpected and delightful pressie from a dear friend (thank you!). The other was a postcard of a giant spud. This postcard had proved more elusive than the Snark, but finally, at last, success. It's being popped on the wall (blu tak willing), pride of place.

I'm not sure though, which is more disturbing: my boundless affection for over large fruit and veg or the friends who happily indulge me - grin. Mind you, the very next day the SMH publishes it's very own pic of a giant spud. Freaky. This week has been brought to you by tubers of unusual size.
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